I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Forest Lakes

The last week of last year, we went to Forest Lakes camp. The trip was long, but it was worth it. We stayed there for a few days and had a lot of fun. One day, all the boys who were in my room went and took a shower, we got changed. Then, this girl came out of nowhere turned off the lights and more girls came, when the lights came back on they had our towels and started whipping us! We got them back by going in their room and sprayed them with water guns. There was a flying fox where you get in, and half way through the ride the girls take a picture of you. My friend went and took a picture of them!

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  1. Hi Ram
    It sounds like you had a fabulous time at camp. How did the girls react to you guys spraying them with water guns?



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