I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tomorrow When The War Began Intrapersonal 5 Character Traits

The 5 ways Homer is like me :
1. We both get in a lot of trouble
2. We both act like idiots
3. We can often offend people
4. We can be responsible sometimes
5. In difficult situations our attitudes can change

The 5 ways Homer is not like me
1, We don't have the same lifestyle
2. Unlike Homer I think rich people are equal to middle class
3. I can't think of great plans quickly like Homer
4. Homer is a lot more extreme
5. Homer is a rebel

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tomorrow When The War Began Environment Study

The book: Tomorrow When The War Began helps with the study of the environment because it describes the surroundings in Hell and Tailor's Stitch, also the farm areas and bush. The places in the book like the streets and roads are name ed but never really described. The book tells us how the places are all broken up and destroyed. Chris also says that when the invasion first started that he saw crashed cars and blown up buildings.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Finding Meanings Of Interesting Words In Tomorrow When The War Began

Indestructible- Unbreakable
Monotonous- Dull, tedious, repetitious
Scrawl- To write hastily or illegibly
Ceased- End
Rifle- A firearm  

Ranking Events In Tomorrow When The War Began

3. The event when they got to Hell.
2. When the jets flew overhead 
1. When they got back home and everyone was missing and also discovering Corrie's dad's note.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tomorrow When The War Began Ellie's Diary

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow me Fi, Homer, Kevin, Robyn, Lee and Corrie are going to go down to Tailor's Stitch for a hike. We don't really know how long we're going to be there so we packed a bunch of food and water to last us about a week, we're also hoping to find some extra water up in Hell.


Day 1

We finally made it to Hell. We just set up camp and we're ready for a few days, we didn't set up a tent because everyone wanted to watch stars. I wanted a tent, but watching stars seemed like a better idea. I once read in a book that in dark places, stars shine their brightest, it was true, they were beautiful. I also feel kind of bad missing Commemoration Day, I think Robyn does too.


Day 2

Last night I saw a few V shaped jets dash through the sky and apparently Robyn and Lee heard more flying by after I fell asleep. In the morning we started making weird assumptions to what those planes were for. Someone said something about a distress call, another saying nuclear war. Of course, we didn't think much of them and the subject was changed rather quickly.


Day 3

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. Today we went back home and no one seems to be in town. Most of our dogs are dead and the group's assumptions of what's happening keep getting worse. The assumption of being invaded was half confirmed when we found a note written by Corrie's dad saying:
"Corrie, I'm in the Show Secretary's office. Something's going on. People say it's just Army manoeuvres but I'm sending this anyway, then heading home to tear it up so no one will know what an idiot I've been. But Corrie, if you get this, go bush. Take great care. D not come out till you know it's safe. Much love darling. Dad." What's going on? I can't freaking believe it, what ever's happening, it's a recipe for disaster.


Friday, 12 July 2013

11 Before 11

1. Join a Music Group
Reason: Even if you think you're not so musical it's gonna be really fun learning how to play,
2. Be Spider-Man
Reason: Who doesn't want to be Spider-Man? You can swing around and you can join the high jump team!
3. Catch a Pokemon
Reason: Catching and training a pokemon is everyone's dream!
4. Be Teacher for a day
Reason: Do I even have to give you a reason?
5. Learn how to fly
Reason: Just imagine it, flying in the sky and not having to worry about being late for school!
6. Do a montage
Reason: Montages are awesome! Unless it's a bad montage, like... punching yourself
7. Be a break dancer
Reason: Break dancing is awesome!
8. Turn into a frog for 2 minutes
Reason: You can spring up anywhere and strike your tongue like lightning
9. Ride a boat
Reason: You're riding a boat! That's reason enough.
10. Underwater Diving
Reason: Underwater diving! That's reason enough! Like riding a boat!
11. Meet Michael Jackson
Reason: All you need to do is hallucinate!

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Prince Jack stared into the grassy meadows and watched strips of grass move towards the direction of the blowing wind. He sighed and looked deeper into meadows. He remembered the tower, Rapunzel's tower. Prince Jack knows the path, but his limited courage had stopped him from proceeding. 'What kind of prince waits around doing nothing?' he said to himself. Prince Jack took a step, then another, and before he knew it he was running to the tower. He couldn't see it, but he knows the path like the blade of his sword, which he carelessly left at home. 

Rapunzel looked out her tower, into cloud covered setting sun. The sky was a light red colour, her second favourite colour next to yellow. Yellow was her favourite because it was her hair colour, but it is understandable. 'Rapunzel, let down your hair!' she heard a familiar voice exclaim, she looked down and saw Prince Jack looking into her eyes, smiling. 'You came back,' she said happily.
'Of course I have, my love,' he started, 'I couldn't leave you in this old tower for the rest of your life.' 
'You're, getting me out?' she asked, curiosity in her voice. 
'Of course, I just need you to jump, don't worry I shall catch you,' he explained. Rapunzel was conflicted, she was too scared to jump, but she wanted to get out of this filthy tower. She took a deep breath and jumped. 

Wind rushed through her extremely long golden hair, she had her eyes closed, she landed on two extended arms. Her eyes opened and Prince Jack was looking at her smiling. She grinned and gave him a kiss on the lips. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Writing Sample

Dana Claire looked around her room, the light of the room was dim, but she still knew how to navigate around without getting herself hurt. It was 3:21pm, it just came into her mind that she has not been doing anything productive in the past several hours. She looked at her ceiling from her bed, blinked a few times and took her phone out of her left pocket, it was upside down so she flipped it the right way up. Tap, tap, tap, tap, her four digit password went and unlocked her phone. There was a bright line in the middle of her room, it was coming from her slightly open curtain. She moved her eyes so she was looking at the floor, the world seemed to be closing around her. Moving her head back to her phone and to her surprise wasn’t there. A shiver crawled up her feet and into her head. She blinked twice to see if she was hallucinating, but no, it was real, her phone vanished as quick as a camera flash.
Knock, knock, knock, went her front door.
“Dana, it’s me, Felicia.” It was a yell, but it sounded like a whisper in Dana’s room. Dana got out of her bed out her room and to the front door, she opened it and Felicia was standing right in front of her.
“I was just about to call y-” Felicia cut Dana off.
“All the cars in the neighbourhood vanished,” Felicia said. “It happened right in front of me and Laina.”
“Well, my phone vanished,” Dana said.
“I heard in the news that when scientists try to find out what’s disappearing and vanishing they keep failing because their tools vanish!” Laina shouted running towards Dana and Felicia.
“So your TV didn’t fade away?” asked Dana.
“We have no time for your knick knack questions, Dana, we have to get somewhere safe before-” Laina stopped mid sentence. Her and Felicia looked up and started backing away, Dana turned around to see nothing but open space behind her. “How am I going to explain this to my parents?” Dana said, sadness in her voice.
“Isn't your dad a scientist, Felicia?” Laina asked.
“Yeah, why?”
“Maybe we can ask him,” Laina said, she sounded like she had just answered the hardest question in the world.
“Duh,” said Dana, “let’s go before our clothes fade away, I don’t want to run around town naked.”

“Are you sure he’s home, Felicia?” Dana and Laina asked in unison.
“He was here this morning,”
“He was here this morning blerg flerg,” Dana said in a weird voice which was supposed to sound like Felicia.
“Why do I even put up with these two?” Laina asked herself.
When they finally arrived to Felicia’s house the door was open, and the house was empty.
“It’s either my furniture vanished, or someone robbed my house.” Felicia said amusement in her voice. They proceeded into the kitchen, Felicia opened a small cupboard under her kitchen sink with both hands  revealing a staircase going down. “Um, is it safe?” Dana asked.
“Probably,” Felicia said.
“Do we really have to crawl down it?” Laina questioned.
“Yes,” Felicia replied.
“Down a staircase?”
Laina and Dana sighed while Felicia continued to crawl down the staircase. “Are you two coming? Or are you gonna wait until you vanish?”

After several minutes of pain on their hands, knees and back, they finally got to stand up and stretch. “What time is it?” Laina asked.
“None of us have a watch, so, we really don’t know.”  Dana said. The trio continued their journey to find Felicia’s father. Halfway down a dark hallway, Dana’s shoes and socks faded into the air. Their walk continued until a door blocked their path. Felicia twisted the knob and let go as she pushed the door. Felicia’s father was sitting on a chair having a drink.
“Dad? Why is everything vanishing?” Felicia asked.
“What are you talking about?” Her father replied. Seconds later his pants vanished and luckily, he was wearing shorts under them. “That’s peculiar,” he said. “that’s not what this device is supposed to be doing.”
“What is it supposed to do?” Dana asked.
“I really don’t know,”
“Can you please turn it off?” Laina begged. Dana lifted her hand to her face, it started to fade.
“Please!” Dana shouted.
“All right, allright.” Felicia’s father said. He pressed something on the device and Dana’s hand stopped fading and went back to full health.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cross Country

Ram loves Wednesdays, because it was Cross Country. Unlike a lot of other people, he was excited. Everything was same as last year, show you a video to get you pumped, everyone says "Whoa" when they do flips and such, but Ram knew what they were doing, they were showing this video to the students to brainwash them. Get them all psyched up to run, it was a trap! Well, at least that's what Ram thought. Ram, Nate, Nick and Ethan watched as all the year and gender groups were sent out. Nick and Ram were going together, Nate and Ethan were run buddies along with Archie. Year 8 boys were going last, sadly. For some people that's a good thing, not having to run ahead. Ram classifies those people as idiots and fools.
When it was time to run, Ram started slow with Nick on the block run.

Lungs burning, legs aching, mouth gasping for air, swallowing breaths, sometimes bugs, arms pumping, feet stomping and even worst of them all, stitches. The temptation to walk was slowing Ram down and Nick had already started walking. Ram took a few walking steps, not one, not two but three. He looked at his feet, brought his head back up and released a final strong burst of energy and jogged off. Up-hills, down-hills, straight runs, this ain't fun, no pun, jog like a bullet from a gun, nearly there, do not dare, Ram is scared, he didn't care, at the school, this is cool, don't stand still like a stool. This was it, all the hard work wasn't for nothing. Ram went through the Year 8 boys lane and collected his number from Ms. Goldfinch. Panting, breathing, gasping, swallowing. Ram was proud about himself, 75, not bad. Ram walked to Room 15 and shouted: "I didn't die!" 

Friday, 24 May 2013

How To Not Be Scared Of The Dark

Are you scared of the dark? Because if you are, then this is the guide for you!

1. Watch - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrPte1uijDw
2. Just think that the thing your scared is more scared of you than you are of it
3. Giggle at the ghosties :)
4. If you're wearing a jacket, take it off and tie it into a knot, it may seem stupid at first but from far away it looks like you have a dog with you. Don't forget to start barking.
5. Sing the happiest song you know
6. Laugh at the things you're scared of
7. Treat the things your scared of like your best friend
8. If your fears try to block show them that you ROCK!
9. Talk to yourself if you see a silhouette in the background. They're going to think you're some sort of maniac that escaped from the Crazy Hut.
10. Start dancing and show the ghosts your funky moves!

If this didn't help then I don't know what will!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Carrot Top

You try your best but it's not quiet there.
You kick a foot and say "It's just not fair!"
A simple girl living simple dreams,
A rumour that's not quiet as it seems
You look to like to live
People are ready to rain your armies and shatter your walls
Time to beat the heat when you sweep the haters right off their feet
Like a phoenix get back up when they strike you down
You change their frowns turn the world upside down
Carrot Top, go beyond us
You're a late star time to fool us
Spread your wings and take it to the sky
Make sure you fly far and high
Brighter than tonight's sunset
Can't mistake your silhouette
Not a sound nor voice nearby
Your hair illuminates this gloomy sky
That's the sound of the haters' mouths dropping to the ground
Seeing you as a princess gets them out for the count
I'm not surprised because I never had doubt
You're mother nature
They hate you
Nailed you on the cross
It's a loss to be a beacon in the dark you see
Cover them in your glow
The world is now your garden give them love to grow
They look at you with mean glares because you don't want to fight
That's because they know they can't put out your light
Stand strong Carrot Top
Because soon they will stop

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Similes And Metaphors

The creek of the door sounded as if someone was screaming. The room was dark, just as I expected it to. I stepped into the room and shut the door behind me. Even though I had my eyes open, the dark room made it seem like I had them closed. Looking for the light switch made it seem I was wondering aimlessly through a dark maze. I placed my hands on the walls and started to slide them across in search for the switch. My hands moved smoothly across the walls like a swan on a lake. A bump. My hands found the switch but when I felt the bump it was as if a car crashed into a tree. I flicked the switch and light sprang into the room, I used my hands to cover my eyes like a vampire.

I jumped into my bed and the bed sprang me up on impact like a trampoline.  I wrapped myself in my blanket as if I was a caterpillar in a cocoon.  I closed my eyes and slept like a sloth.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Starting Love

Leaves crackled and branches snapped under Misty and Josh's feet. "Why do I fee like someone's watching us?" Misty whispered, as she said this they were still walking. They didn't want to halt in the Everfree forest. "I'm pretty sure there IS  someone watching us, or better yet, some THING." Josh replied.
"THING?!" Misty yelled. "Oh my Go-" Josh put his glove hand over her mouth, cause them to halt."Sssshhhhh," he said. "It's getting dark, monsters spawn in the dark." Josh took his hand off Misty's mouth. They both looked back as the darkness consumed all remaining light.

There was a click, and with it a beam of light. "Misty, you had a flash-light the whole time?" Josh asked.
"Of course I do. I wasn't going into the woods with you without one." Misty explained. She aimed the light behind them. There was a growl. Misty and Josh were slowly backing away. They started running back to town. The growls were following them.

When they got back to town, the main gates were closed. They turned back and Misty flashed the lights towards the growls. "We're dead." Misty and Josh repeated rapidly. "You know," Josh started.
"this would be a great time to say I've always loved you, but I don't, I really, really don't."  The growls stopped. "I hate you, too," Misty replied.
"We're saved!" They shouted at the same time. The main gates opened and they ran inside. And just like that, the chaos ended.