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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tomorrow When The War Began Ellie's Diary

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow me Fi, Homer, Kevin, Robyn, Lee and Corrie are going to go down to Tailor's Stitch for a hike. We don't really know how long we're going to be there so we packed a bunch of food and water to last us about a week, we're also hoping to find some extra water up in Hell.


Day 1

We finally made it to Hell. We just set up camp and we're ready for a few days, we didn't set up a tent because everyone wanted to watch stars. I wanted a tent, but watching stars seemed like a better idea. I once read in a book that in dark places, stars shine their brightest, it was true, they were beautiful. I also feel kind of bad missing Commemoration Day, I think Robyn does too.


Day 2

Last night I saw a few V shaped jets dash through the sky and apparently Robyn and Lee heard more flying by after I fell asleep. In the morning we started making weird assumptions to what those planes were for. Someone said something about a distress call, another saying nuclear war. Of course, we didn't think much of them and the subject was changed rather quickly.


Day 3

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. Today we went back home and no one seems to be in town. Most of our dogs are dead and the group's assumptions of what's happening keep getting worse. The assumption of being invaded was half confirmed when we found a note written by Corrie's dad saying:
"Corrie, I'm in the Show Secretary's office. Something's going on. People say it's just Army manoeuvres but I'm sending this anyway, then heading home to tear it up so no one will know what an idiot I've been. But Corrie, if you get this, go bush. Take great care. D not come out till you know it's safe. Much love darling. Dad." What's going on? I can't freaking believe it, what ever's happening, it's a recipe for disaster.



  1. Ram
    This a really fantastic piece of work. I can see how you have tried to develop the story line and leave the reader wanting more (hello mystery box). Fantastic effort come see me for a lolly pop.


  2. Cool diary entries Ram. I love the way you have made me relive the story, even though I read it many years ago. I might have to take your idea and use it with some of the better readers in my class. Well done.

    Mr Walker - Henderson North School


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